Non Fire Rated Doors

Over view

44 mm Internal Fire Door Black
Weight = 19.8kg m2
Suitable for PAS24
U-Value (W/km2) =<1.8(Doorest)
Durability Tested to Severe Duty
Suitable for Veneer, Laminated or Paint Finishes.

Acoustic Rating

Acoustic Rating = 30dB

Service Life Tested

EN 1191.

FSC Certified

Formaldehyde Release Rating

Door Congiguration

Data Sheet


comprises a 3 layer particle board manufactured by continuous press to produce a high performance timber door black.



Blank Sizes mm

2060 x 840
2135 x 915
2440 x 1220
2135 x 1830
2400 x 915
2800 x 1830
3050 x 1050
Other size available on request (minimum order applies)


Urea formaldehyde resin
Paraffn wax/ sillca

Physical Properties

Average density (by weight)-630kg/m3(+/-10%)
Moisture content -ex factory -6-10%
Formadehyde emission- EN13986-E1
80 grit surface sanding

Performance criteria (Refer to relevent technical support manuals for full details)

BS 476: part 22:1987
BS EN1634-1:2000/2008 & BS EN 1363-1:1999
ul 10c

BS EN ISO 10140-2:2010

Operation & Durability
DD 171: 1997 clauses 4.3, 4.4, 4.9,4.10,4.11 -severe duty
EN 1191:2000 - in exess of 500,000 cycles
EN 947, EN 948, EN 949, and EN 950 -Severe duty
PAS 23 clause 6.3 - Evaluated against
PAS 24: 2012 Clause A.3, B.4.3, B.4.4.2, B.4.4.3, B.4.4.4, B.4.5, B.4.6, B.4.7, B.4.8 & B.4.9
BS EN 12046-2: 2000
BS 6375 Part 3: 2009 annex C
BS 6375 Part 3: 2009 annex A

BS EN ISO 10077-2:2003
BS EN ISO 10077-2:2006

Solid core

Solid Core Doors

Solid core doors can range from solid uniform wood door sections (wood species is the same throughout the cross section) or doors made with a solid core (usually MDF or similar) with thin layers of veneer wood glued to the outside ready for paint or stain

Solid Door Pros

solid wood doors are great for sound dampening, insulating properties, damage resistance and value to potential buyers.

Solid Door Cons

Solid doors certainly have benefits but they also cost approximately 50% more, they are heavy and more prone to shrinkage and expansion due to temperature and moisture changes